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A Fish Bum on a Mission!

On February 4th 2020 the owners of Delta Marine and Outfitters told me to make the best possible store to help people enjoy the Northern Gulf Coast that I could! On that day Delta Marine and Outfitters was born!

Next we were happy to bring Custom Gheenoe and NuCanoe Kayaks to our area. But folks we had more to bring to the area, in June of 2021 they gave me the go ahead to start the Lost Angler Fly Shop in Delta Marine and Outfitters. The combination has been amazing! 

Every Year we are growing and expanding to offer more gear, better service and more brands to the area! I hope that you will stop by, take a look at the boats, spend some time in the fly shop, swap some fish stories, and let me help you get the most out of our Northern Gulf Coast!

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